City of Mutare comprises of seven (7) Committees of Council and their functions are explained as follows:

  1. Finance 
  1. To draw-up and present for approval of the council estimates of income and expenditure on revenue and capital accounts of the council for the next succeeding financial year,
  2. To monitor council’s cash flow through its banking account or accounts, including any overdraft facility that council may be operating,
  3. To consider and approve Council’s Borrowing Powers,
  4. To consider and recommend increases in service charges, property rates, rents, supplementary charges and miscellaneous charges,
  5. To ensure that Council maintains effective and efficient financial internal control systems through financial regulations and procedures,
  6. To consider all recommendations of other committees of Council that have financial implications,
  7. To monitor and make recommendations for the efficient operations of Council’s trading undertakings and
  8. To exercise any other function that Council may delegate to it from time to time


  1. The Audit Committee 
  1. to inquire into and report upon the manner in which the finances of the council, its assets and human resources are being used,
  2. to ascertain whether the funds and assets of the council are applied to the purpose intended and are consistent with any regulations and standing orders issued by the council, or the Minister, as the case may be,
  3. To call for information, explanations and evidence in respect of any matters in respect of which the auditors have made observations,
  4. To receive and consider reports of internal and external auditors and make appropriate recommendations to the council and
  5. To recommend to the council appropriate methods of investment of moneys, and custody of any other properties of the council.


  • Public Works And Town Lands Committee 
  1. To ensure the orderly development of the city in terms of the provisions of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act, the Mutare Master Plan and the Town Planning Schemes,
  2. To approve, monitor and supervise the implementation of all council capital and engineering projects, including the servicing of commercial, residential, institutional and industrial stands, road works, housing construction projects, public lighting works and related engineering works,
  3. To monitor and ensure the efficient and programmed maintenance of council installations including roads, storm water drains, culverts and kerbing, public street lights and traffic lights, council buildings, parks, sewerage and water reticulation system,
  4. To ensure the maintenance of an efficient Fire Brigade service and
  5. To exercise any other functions that the Council may delegate to it from time to time.


  1. Community Services, Housing, Health & Education Committee 
  1. To plan and ensure the implementation of housing projects for the high, middle and low income groups;
  2. To administer Council’s homeownership and rented accommodation and ensure the timely collection of rents, service and supplementary charges;
  3. To formulate appropriate policies for the provision of accommodation to the residents of the city;
  4. To maintain a housing waiting list as a basis for planning the provision of houses and allocation of serviced stands and available accommodation;
  5. To plan and implement an ongoing programme of urban renewal in the housing and community services sector;
  6. To plan and ensure the implementation of social welfare, recreational and community facilities appropriate to the needs of the residents of Mutare;
  7. To plan and implement the provision of adequate primary schools in the city and ensure their orderly administration;
  8. To oversee and supervise the operations of the municipal liquor undertaking to ensure that it is run efficiently and profitably for the benefit of the residents of Mutare;
  9. To formulate appropriate policies and provide adequate facilities for the informal sector activities such as flea markets, vegetable markets, facilities for informal sector artisans and the operations of hawkers and vendors;
  10. To ensure the provision and efficient operation of medical facilities for primary health care;
  11. To establish and maintain an efficient and effective community health and education service; and
  12. To monitor and ensure the efficient operation of pharmaceutical services.


  1. Environmental Management Committee 
  1. To ensure and maintain an efficient public cleansing service, covering street sweeping and public toilet cleaning;
  2. To ensure the maintenance of an efficient and economic refuse removal and garbage disposal service in the city;
  3. To maintain an efficient and effective environmental health service dedicated to the inspection of food properties, control of animals in the city and the general cleanliness in the city;
  4. To ensure the continued monitoring and control of all forms of pollution including air pollution, noise nuisance and water pollution;
  5. To monitor and control illegal tree cutting and unauthorized stream bank cultivation in liaison with the relevant departments of central government, private companies and private organisations;
  6. To formulate and implement a policy of environmental protection, including tree planting projects, gully reclamation and sponsored woodlots;
  7. To exercise any other function as delegated to it by Council from time to time, and
  8. To ensure that an Environmental Impact Assessment study (EIA) is carried out before the approval and implementation of any major project.


  1. General Purposes Committee 
  1. To formulate, review and ensure the continued implementation of a corporate strategic plan for the council, including related departmental plans and annual plans,
  2. To formulate, co-ordinate and ensure the implementation of general policies on various aspects of council’s operations,
  3. To prepare by-laws and regulations in terms of the relevant statutes and monitor their effective administration by the relevant Council departments,
  4. To formulate, review and ensure the operation of a dynamic public relations policy by council to enhance its image to the public,
  5. To ensure the provision of effective and efficient administrative and secretarial services to Council and its committees for the smooth discharge of its services,
  6. To maintain an efficient and co-ordinated civil defense and disaster management service to the city, through a well-trained and equipped ambulance and fire brigade and municipal police personnel,
  7. To ensure the introduction, implementation and monitoring of administrative and management internal control systems,
  8. To formulate, monitor and ensure the implementation of comprehensive human resources policies covering personnel management, manpower development and training, work-study and industrial relations,
  9. To prepare and review from time to time Employment Regulations (Conditions of Service), Health and Safety regulations and the Code of Conduct through the Employment Council of the Mutare Municipal Undertaking, and
  10. To exercise any other functions delegated to it by council from time to time.


  • Business Investments Committee 
  1. To establish the existing situation in terms of investment and thereafter identify and pursue opportunities for investment on behalf.
  2. To define the type of investment City of Mutare requires and recommend the same to Council.
  3. To define, formulate and implement strategies and incentives to attract investment in the city
  4. To investigate ways of maximizing investment.
  5. To market the City in liaison with Council’s Public Relations Section
  6. To facilitate for the review of Council policies and ensure that they are investor friendly

Who  We Are:

Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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