The section is headed by a Land Surveyor and its work involves the following:

  1. Peg identification/Boundary relocation: The section assists residents who may not be sure of the position of their boundary beacons,
  2. Non-title surveys-: These are surveys done to demarcate land parcels,
  3. Title surveys-:  In this case the land parcels can be registered in the Deeds Office. Some surveys done to resolve boundary issues fall in this category,
  4. Tacheometry-: These surveys are done to come up with the relative positions of features on the ground,
  5. Levelling-: This activity is done in engineering works to determine the relative height of points for instance in sewer reticulation,
  6. Topographic surveys-: These surveys are done to represent the terrain on a two-dimensional plane,
  7. Pointing out of beacons-: To those who buy land from council, it is the sole responsibility of the Section to point out the extent of the land purchased,
  8. Setting out-: The section can position buildings relative to the property beacons.
  9. Processing replacement diagrams-: To those who may have lost diagrams the section can help process replacement copies.
  10. Site plan draughting-: The section can draught site plans especially from surveys of high density developed townships.
  11. General consultation- The section can attend to any issues to do with land survey property registrations.

All the above activities are offered by the section at fees that are determined from time to time.

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Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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