The section has three units:

  • Forward Planning and Estates Development
  • Plan Management/Development Control


To ensure orderly and co-ordinate urban development

Preamble of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act, Chapter 29:12 sets out the objectives of town planning as follows:

  1. Conserving and improving the physical environment
  2. Promotion of health, safety, order, amenity, convenience and general welfare.
  3. Efficiency and economy in the process of development.
  4. Improvement of communications/transport networks/public transport.
  5. To regulate the use of  land and buildings (development control)
  6. To manage and control the development process.
  7. Land management/land banking.
  8. To advise Council on all planning  related matters and implications of decisions made on planning issues
  9. Give Council recommendations on development options. 
  10. Investment promotion
  11. To create planning framework for city development/expansion/growth.
  • Statutory plans
  • Development plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Site selection


Each unit plays distinct roles summarised below.

i. Forward Planning and Estate Management

Preparation of long and short term plans, namely
•    Master plans
•    Local development plans (general)
•    Local subject plan
•    Local priority plans

ii. Preparation of layout plans for various land uses; viz
•    Low density residential
•    Medium density residential
•    High density residential
•    Commercial
•    Industrial/general industrial
•    Tourism/holiday homes
•    Service industrial

iii. Preparation of site plans for various land uses for small schemes/individual stands;
•    Residential
•    Industrial
•    Commercial
•    Churches
•    Resort/tourist/recreational/hotels
•    Schools
•    Clinics, etc

iv. Processing applications for purchase of land and make recommendations for adoption by Council;
e.g application for industrial stands or school sites

Preparing reports on town planning policies and (or proposals of a town planning nature for adoption by Council

Development promotion, guidance and coordination

Interface between Council and its partners.

v. Plan Management/Development Control

Processing of applications for development permits (Section 26 of the Act)

Processing applications for subdivisions of land (section 40 of the Act)

Processing applications for consolidation of land (Section 40 of the Act)

Solving boundary disputes/encroachments (Section 153 0f the Urban Councils Act)

Approval of building plans (Section 26 of the Act and the Model Building By-Laws)

Traffic Management and transport planning.

Enforcing conditions of permits, title, development/lease, etc including the issue of:-

•    Enforcement Orders
•    Prohibition Orders
•    Demolition Orders
•    Tree Preservation Orders
•    Building Preservation Orders
•    Abatement Orders (for overcrowding – Public Health Act)


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