Departmental Mission

To provide shelter and other social amenities to the residents of Mutare

The department is headed by the Director of Housing and Community Services and is divided into 3 sections, that is Housing, Community Services and Parks Section

Overall Functions for the Department Includes:

  1. Provision of Housing services.
  2. Provision of primary education and social amenities.
  3. Management of the environmental 
  4. Provision of Burial and cremation services
  5. Provision of informal sector facilities
  6. Provision of recreational facilities


  1. Sakubva Flea Market
  2. Wholesale Market
  3. Produce Market
  4. TM Upper Market
  5. Town Area – Bata Market, Friendly Market, ZB Market, Manica Post Market, TM Market, LGA Markets  


  1. Murahwa Greenmarket
  2. Dangamvura Greenmarket

Who  We Are:

Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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