Community Services is responsible for the planning and implementation of recreational and community facilities such as grounds, pools and community halls.  It is also responsible for the provision and administration of education and research services through libraries and the provision of primary schools. 

The section is also mandated to ensure community empowerment initiatives targeting women, youth, the disabled, orphans and vulnerable children and families, the elderly.  It is also responsible for ensuring the provision of facilities for informal sector development and management to enhance the economic standing of families through flea markets, vegetable markets and factory shells. It also manages Parks and Commonage as well as Cemeteries.


  1. Murahwa Primary School
  2. Chikanga Primary School
  3. Dangamvura Primary School
  4. Chirowakamwe Primary School
  5. Fern Valley Primary School


  Facility Description Location
1. Pools

Sakubva Swimming Pool Main Bath – Town Pool

2. Halls

Sakubva Beithall

Moffat Hall

Dangamvura Hall

Chikanga Hall

3. Libraries

Sakubva Library

Chikanga Library

Dangamvura Library

Turner Memorial Library

4. Grounds

Sakubva Stadium

Chikanga Sports Complex

Chisamba Grounds

Sports Oval

Dangamvura Ground

Hobhouse Ground

5. Tennis Courts



6. Basket Ball Courts



7. Netball Courts

Moffat Court

Sakubva Beithall Court

Who  We Are:

Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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